“Wonder is the beginning of wisdom” (Socrates)
Kees has built his leadership career at Royal Philips Electronics (Medical Technology & Electronics), DHL (LifeSciences & Technology), Avery Dennison (Paper & Graphics) and KCA Deutag GmbH (Oil & Energy). Kees became CPO & VP Procurement at Stork (Oil & Energy), Tennet TSO (Energy), and CSCO & SVP Supply Chain at Fokker Technologies (Aerospace & Defense).

In 2016 Kees became COO EMEA at Keter (FMCG). After this, he has worked in global business- and digital transformation programs at Veon (Telecommunications) in Amsterdam and post-merger integration programs at Aon (Insurances) in Rotterdam. Kees also has built also some successful ventures since 2008.

Currently acting as operations and strategy advisor for an international company with a portfolio of € 6 billion with focus for capital expenditure projects in greenfield, renovation and maintenance activities in infrastructure, energy and construction.

Kees van der Vleuten

Kees van der Vleuten

Whats in a name!

KC has been founded in 2007 and the company name brings many associations like the relationship with science where KC stands for kilocycle which is defined as:
“a unit equal to 1000 cycles or used especially as 1000 cycles per second for expressing the frequency of electromagnetic waves (kilohertz). The term kilohertz is now preferred in technical use”.

In 1863 the Scotish scientist James Clerk Maxwell defined the theory which connects electricity and and magnetism called electromagnetism. The application of electromagnetic radation, you will find in many solutions and products such as health care and life sciences, (consumer) electronics, semiconductors, music, lighting, energy, domestic appliances etc. but even our planet is one big magnet !!!It is not a coincidence that our company is active in sectors where technology, sustainability and innovation plays a very important role.However, the explanation for the company name is rather easier to explain than one thinks, because our company name is derived from American friends during the ’90-s as they had (and still might have) difficulties with the pronunciation of my first hence we have choosen to use KC. Even our logo has an appealing and modern look as it is the “reversed swoosh” sign (based on the 1971 designed famous logo of Nike – the Greek winged goddess of victory).Radiation, motion, just do it, and deliver results are logically the inspiring principles and values of KC.

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