Board Governance – Mergers & Acquisitions and Post-Merger Integrations (Organisations/Governance)
Digoshen · Apr 11, 2022
Supply chain training for decades ahead (HRM/Supply Chain Management)
Skill Dynamics · May 12, 2021
Future of Retail (Retail/Supply Chain Management)
Skill Dynamics · Apr 13, 2021
20 Years of Digital Transformations: Key Learnings and Differences Between Then and Now (Digital Transformations)
SprenglerFox · Jan 12, 2021

Is your culture AI-ready? Cultural lessons from Digital Transformation applied to the AI journey (Digital Technology)
Walking the Talk · Sep 10, 2020
Finance Unleashed (Leveraging the CFO for Innovation) – (Finance/Leadership)
Magnus Lind/Kelly Barner · Oct 1, 2017
Leadership and Governance impacting Supply Chain (Leadership/Supply Chain Management)
TheFutureofSupplyChains.com · Feb 26, 2016
CPO – series : Leadership on the Edge (Leadership/Procurement)
Procurement Leaders · Apr 28, 2015

Analysis of the Governance Structure of a Global Aerospace & Defense company (Governance/Boards)
INSEAD · Jul 31, 2014
How the Board of Directors (much) better can deal with the entire procurement process and its external supply base in the interest of the corporation (Governance/Boards)
Nyenrode University · May 1, 2013
Professioneel inhuren van flexibele arbeid: mensen, markt, mechanismen (HRM/Procurement)
Enthri Holding · May 1, 2013

Philips gives pan-European distribution to Deutsche Post unit (Logistics/Transport)
American Shipper · Apr 1, 2002
Philips Luchtvracht krijgt wereldwijde aanpak (Logistics/Aviation)
Vakblad Luchtvracht · Sep 1, 1998

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