With a broad experience in different kind of companies, industry sectors and specialties, we deliver an important contribution to the performance management of client’s company. Whether it is focusing on shareholders’ value, growth of profit, working capital- or cost reductions or it is the field of business growth, digital transformations and sustainability, the experience and knowledge is present. This has been gained especially in global public listed enterprises, private equity houses and investment firms as well as governmental companies. But also in the SME markets but even with start-ups/scale-ups. Of course it should be mentioned that experience comes education from (academic) top institutes for many themes and in functional domains. Because of our familiarity with many sectors, it is bringing advantage for our clients in relationship and in execution phase. 

Following business sectors can be mentioned:

High Tech
Consumer Electronics, Semiconductors, Telecommunications, Digital Technology sector;
Lifesciences, pharmaceuticals, medical equipment and disposables;
Oil & gas, renewables, electric transmission sector;
Domestic appliances, retail sector, food/non-food sector, fashion, lifestyle;
Private equity sector, insurance sector;
Automobile industry, equipment- and parts industry;
Logistic services, airfreight/oceanfreight/forwarding, parcel express, warehousing and trucking;
Paper industry, construction, engineering- & infrastructure and garden furniture.

In short, value creation in optimal form!

Compelling to the unknown
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